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Tabby Biddle 

"Christine is an incredible coach! She is patient, compassionate and straightforward in her approach. I sought out Christine when I was going through some transitions in my career. I needed some clarity on what to do next to move my business forward in a way that was in sync with my core values and vision. In just one hour on the phone with Christine, I became clear about what I really have to offer my clients, what I really want to offer them, and the value of what I have to offer. Furthermore, knowing that I have the support and encouragement from Christine, I have been able to take more risks since our initial coaching session. Christine is a straightforward, practical, compassionate and soulful coach, which is a great combination to help you listen to your inner wisdom, stay true to your core values, and get things done! I highly recommend working with Christine!! Thanks so much Christine." -

Tabby Biddle, Writer/Editor - amplifying the voices of women changemakers!

Christine believes that at the core of every professional there is a strong desire to serve and contribute.But she noticed that too many entrepreneurs are frustrated and not getting the results they want.

In 2007, she founded O Coaching, an integrated professional coaching service company grounded in the core philosophy that Entrepreneurship is the ideal playground for professionals to get the fulfillment they are seeking. Christine strives to guide businesses and individuals to integrate their individual authenticity and talents into their business worlds in order to achieve a level of success much greater than monetary profit alone.

Christine's passion is for making sure her clients get to use their unique talents in their work so they can contribute their best and thrive. Her mission is to people to be Happy in Business !  Some of the benefits her clients experience are:

. Christine is known as an expert in being a catalyst for her client's professional's brilliance. It's been said that she is gifted at seeing what her clients don't see and at bringing clarity out of confusion. Her clients say she is lively, enthusiastic and warm. She knows how to make them feel safe and confident.


"Christine is a definite asset to the profession!"

Karen A Cappello, PCC, CLC Chief Learning Officer

International Coach Academy -

The people who benefit most from her coaching are those who are confused about their work, they are not satisfied where they are right now, they wonder if they are good enough or are limiting themselves. They are, however seeking there next growth opportunity and are ready to step into their professional brilliance.They have healthy relationships, lifestyle and mind. They feel responsible for their lives and are ready to get help, make decisions and take actions that will propel them forward.






" Working with Christine is like switching on a light bulb that illuminates my way on the path to success!"

Jeannie Elmstrom

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Career and Business Coaching for Ambitious Mothers
Attention: Solo-Entrepreneurs, Small Biz Owners (and those of you who are dreaming about starting your own business)


Read this if you want to hit the ground running and hate to waste time and energy spinning your wheels
You are an expert in marketing, finances, laws, communication, holistic medicine....,..
No matter what field you are in, you know that you have some unique talents and expertise and you want to share them with as many people as possible.You want to be your own boss and create a lifestyle that you truly enjoy.
Yet when you look at where you are exactly right now you are not satisfied at all.
You are lost, You don't have enough clients, you are not making enough money, you are stressed, frustrated  and overwhelmed and this is impacting your finances, your health and your family.
You are working so hard and maybe you've been playing the " Fake it until you make it" game and you just can't stand the idea of attending another networking event pretending that you are successful in business.
You are starting to loose faith in yourself and sometimes maybe wonder if you should get a job.
  • Are you ready to crack the business code?
  • Get some help and create a game plan for your business that will allow you to step into your greater life?
  • Are you ready to get out of confusion and into action?
  • Are you ready to tackle your big ideas, craft your own personal game plan and get the results you want?
  • Are you ready to get paid for the value of your contribution?
  • Are you ready to be happy with your work ?

If you know that your business is making a difference in the world and you want to touch more people “ no matter what".

If you know that you have talents to share but not sure if you know how to play the business game.

If you refuse to follow the hold adage “ Fake it until you make ” because it's hurts to much inside.


Picture Catherine 

"I am a creative type - so when it comes to the business side of my work I could not exactly be described as a natural, far from it!

This is the area which would always leave me feeling overwhelmed and frustrated - until I came to work with Christine.She has been amazingly effective in helping me to get organized, plan ahead and create marketing strategies that really work - all while keeping within my personal style and integrity. It's early days and I'm seeing great results, and thanks to Christine I am feeling much more relaxed and in control as I see the benefits of the simpletechniques that she has given me to work with. Thank you Christine,for being so supportive in all areas of my business!"

Catherine De La Casas -  Positive Creative Connection Expert.

"Christine is quick in gaining a good insight about her client's needs and desires. She knows how to help them shift to a more empowering perspective. She is excellent at reflecting back in a positive way, and also holds her client's agenda by helping them to get clear about their goals and how to move forward in a positive way."
Ursula Goh - Personal Life Coach at New Horizon Coaching (Switzerland)"

 "Christine demonstrated excellent coaching skills adhering to the ICF core coaching competencies. She provided a safe, professional, flexible, warm and supportive coaching presence. She consistently used active listening, asked powerful questions, and led her clients to effective planning and goal setting. "

Sheri Boone MCC, CLC

 Christina Morassi

 "I loved working with Christine!  In one session, she helped to shape all the contents of my passions into a streamlined offering that I can now bring out into the world.  I appreciated how she was both loving and strong, and knew just the right questions to ask.  I feel like I was in very competent hands... Thank you, Christine!"

Christina Morassi

The "Game Plan" Ezine

Once a month I will share cutting edge business nuggets that you can easily and immediately apply ( in French and in English)

The focus of this ezine is to help you:

This ezine is powerful and to the point. In less than 3 minutes you can read the business Nuggets provided and get into action!

Whether you've been thinking about starting a business, your are a kitchen table startup or have been in business several years, if you are ready to STEP UP and create a strategy that will allow you to help more people and make more money, I encourage you to discover our Game Plan Ezine today!

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"5 Steps to Feel like a Ferrari on the Entrepreneurial Dirt Road

Here is what Carrie Kish President of the International Coach Federation Los Angeles said about this audio

"Thank you for delivering a really great, content rich, value packed teleclass to the International Coach Federation, Los Angeles. We got a great turn out for your "5 Steps to Feel Like a Ferrari on the Entrepreneurial Dirt Road." Your natural, authentic, interactive presentation was easy to follow and fun to participate in.  Our members got a great opportunity to answer some simple questions to give them clear direction for speeding up their businesses and getting better results faster."